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RFE SecondHand Scores

Folding Clothes

Help save the planet! RefreshEase gently used shopping means amazing clothes and home goods, custom for you, at affordable prices. By working with RefreshEase you reduce the strikingly rampant fast fashion and home waste. We recycle your old clothes or purged items properly to ensure a zero-waste custom shopping experience. RefreshEase even shops architectural salvage for one-of-a-kind shelving supplies and organization materials. 

What is RefreshEase?


RefreshEase is a professional shopping, styling, and organization service focused on enriching your life. Stop promising yourself that you will clean the closets in a spare weekend, that you'll shop for feel-good clothes when you have money, that you'd buy gently-used or organize the pantry but you just CAN'T FIT IT IN! Anxiety grows with "if only there were two of me" wishes. Stop that mindset and take action! For less than an online order, we can curate your closet or organize space to make your life easier. Every. Single. Day. 

Image by Bernard Hermant
Image by Lauren Richmond

Gift giving is tough! We all have so much stuff. Ordinary gifts are re-gifted, collect dust or are landfill-bound. With a Refreshease Gift Card, you can give the ultimate gift - Time and Sanity! Does your wife wish she had time to organize her pantry, revamp her wardrobe or manage a seasonal closet change for the kids? What about a parent who resolves every year to organize the attic? Or a friend who has gone back to work or become a mother only to find she has nothing to wear? Or a fella in your life who is still wearing clothes from high school?


What do you most want you to gift to yourself?


Thoughtful Gift Giving

Client Love

"I am eternally grateful!"

"One of the best things was how not intimidating it was. Oh, and the prices are great. It’s personal shopping for regular people."

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