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Would you shop second hand, buy clothes that fit, curate your wardrobe or organize a chaotic space in your home? Life is busy. RefreshEase takes care of
 things that you would do if there were two of you. By gifting our services you give more than stuff. You give sanity, simplicity, and ways to LIVE that are stress-free and esteem boosting. That's our kind of self-care (for kids and men, too!)

RefreshEase works hard so you can have more time to do the things you enjoy. We are secondhand personal shoppers and stylists, closet curators, and home organizers. We offer these services with your budget in mind. Because sanity and life enrichment shouldn't only be for the elite.

RefreshEase was founded by Pasha Krise in 2012 as a brick and mortar resale boutique in Chicago. She got her start in fashion and organization working for Redbook Magazine in the fashion department 20 years ago. Since then, kids, a cross country move, multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, and continuous years of striving to make life a little easier for other people brought her to Refreshease in Southeastern NC.

Pasha is the primary stylist and manager in a team of experts who specialize in organization and fashion. 


    About RefreshEase 
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