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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is RefreshEase for women only?

Not at all! RefreshEase is for ALL people, regardless of gender, age, size, race, socioeconomic status or any demographic. 

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Can I personally choose the recipient of a Capsule for a Cause?

Absolutely! Although we work with specific non-profits, you can sponsor anyone you'd like. We will still offer our services gratis as part of the Capsule for a Cause.

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How much should a gift card be for?

RFE Gift Cards can be given in any denomination. We suggest gifting at least 3 hours ($20/hour) for smaller jobs like linen closets or personal styling. For larger jobs, such as an attic Organization or a whole family Seasonal Transition, it can take a full day.

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Do you have a physical space?

RefreshEase has a studio close to downtown that is used for Swap and Shops and for client consultation and styling.

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Do you travel for appointments?

RefreshEase loves to travel! If you are not local to southeastern North Carolina and would like to use our services, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

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What is RefreshEase's Style?

We start with timeless, classic, quality styles for your home and clothes. We learn about you, your personality and lifestyle, and blend classic quality with whatever hip, funky or outrageousness you love. In all our organization and style, RefreshEase's goal is for it to look and feel 100% authentic to you, with simplicity and ease. 

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I don't want an item, what do I do?

Let us know right away and we will find a way to make it right or refund the cost of the items.

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What makes RefreshEase different from Online services?

RefreshEase is local and in-person. We get to know you beyond an algorithm, RFE focuses on gently used, sustainable, and budget-friendly options. We come to your home and do the work where it really counts. 

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What is the process for a service?

When you book an appointment online, we email you for more information and let you know what to expect. After making a game plan, RefreshEase shops for organization supplies, and then upgrades your space or wardrobe, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Time per service varies with the extent to which work is needed.

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