A Modern Resale Boutique

About Us

Pasha Krise opened RefreshEase in 2011. Pasha is passionate about quality clothing, fabrics and home goods. She has had the knack for tirelessly shopping since she was little. Her mother gave her and her five sisters the creative freedom to shop at yard sales, flea markets, rummage sales and thrift stores! She has been buying second hand for her family and friends for the past 15 years in cities and countries across the globe. Just when her family and friends closets were bursting at the seams, Pasha opened RefreshEase to bring the treasures that she finds to shoppers in Logan Sqaure. Before becoming RefreshEase owner, Pasha graduated from Hunter College in NY and worked in the fashion department at Redbook Magazine.

RefreshEase’s mission is to ReClaim, ReStyle and ReNew clothing and home goods to keep quality materials and garments going around and around. We believe everything has a purpose and every person deserves to shop for quality clothing without an astronomical price! RefreshEase makes and sells “RFE Upcycled” items that are created from otherwise discarded fabrics, including: cashmere, t-shirts and table linens. RefreshEase offers personal shopping, custom home goods and a well-organized retail space of hand-selected items.

Located at 2735 North Milwaukee Ave in Logan Square