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The Long-Winded Intro!

Hey there, friends!

I wanted to tell you EVERYTHING on the header of my homepage but I managed to restrain myself (well, kind of) and posted it here instead (this is my soapbox, right?!?!)

If you are reading this then you have given a proper browse and now you might be wondering, who is this lady and what was the impetus behind the RefreashEase Brand?

It started with a passion, as most brands do, and inflated to become a shop, a service, and a lifestyle. When I was just a wee babe, my mother shopped gently used, dragging us to every yard sale, flea market, and thrift shop she could find. She still does!

You might say that shopping second hand is in my blood. There is truth to that but it's not the whole truth. The truth of WHY second hand is the only way I go is mostly because I like nice things, clothes, home goods, etc. And I simply could not afford them otherwise.

Sure, I could buy all new fast fashions, big box brands, and cheap-throw away everything. That would literally kill me. Imagine, all of it in the landfill. And even "cheap" is not so cheap. A set of china-made dishes will run you at least $25 new. Hop on over to a thrift shop for a fraction of that, that's even considering the rise in second-hand shop pricing.

You know what else ... the dishes I buy are classics, made in the USA, Germany, and England. Many are even hand-thrown! I just picked up a set of Made in France (clear glass, because I find a great way to coordinate your kitchen it to choose two colors and go...mine are white and clear:) bowls for $.60 each!

You know, when little hands break every darn thing, you gotta go used!

I would actually prefer to shop all locally made, by artisans. But until I get those lottery winnings, I stay within our budget.

That's another thing, right, so many folks are out there spending $200 every time they walk into Target, having $500 or new school clothes shipped from Gap, and spending $100 on inferior quality duvet covers. You think nothing of clicking Buy Now on Amazon only to find yourself with a heck of a lot of nothing.


If you are drowning in debt, unable to leave a job you hate or struggling just to pay the electric bill, paycheck to paycheck, please know -- there is another way. If your budget does not allow the $5 Finders Fee we charge then get out there and SHOP the thrifts. Or one of the excellent, curated, well-maintained consignment shops.

Aint NO SHAME in that game. Just a whole helluva a lot of less stress.

I promise you, there is almost nothing in this world that can't be found used, for a fraction of the price. So, now that I gave away our secret and you know that you can shop gently used without Rfe's markups, this is how we can help.

I developed RefreshEase when I was just 30 with my first newborn baby. I would find all the amazing goods and I had only so many people to share them with (if you are a close friend, you know I am continuously gifting found items;) I wanted to find a way to share them with the world. And thus, Rfe was born in a little storefront on Milwaukee Ave on the West Side of Chicago.

Our first Holiday Party at the RefreshEase shop in 2012. All clothes here are gently used--including the Vivienne Westwood high-waist skirt that concealed a burgeoning belly (transition pieces are everything!) I still have and love that skirt. And my husband's Versace tie.

I loved that shop. I met beautiful people who are still inspiring me. There, we also honed the mission of RefreshEase and what we wanted to be in this world. It gave me the real hand-on experiences of what sells in retail, what works for people's bodies and budgets, and the startling difference that organization makes in a person's closet, home, and life.

I used many of the skills that I had learned while working at one of Heart Magazine's longest-running magazines--Redbook Magazine. I learned multitudes in the fashion department. I came to see the classics, like J.Crew and Ann Taylor as building tools to a more creative wardrobe. I learned to mix Vintage and style with fast fashion. I organized a fashion closet bigger than my whole apartment. I learned about how much excess is happening all around us.

As I have grown, garnering experience from long ago and with each passing day, I have come to find that clearing clutter, making room for things you love, making everyday items simply accessible, wash my headspace clean. It leaves less motivation for frustration and procrastination.

Home Organization is life-changing!

And so is getting dressed easily, every single morning, in clothes you love--ones that flatter you without even trying or being fussy at all. Or feeling no worries when you have to dress for a fancy party. Same for your kids! Or husband! There is a way to be excited to get dressed, instead of it being a drag.

And it can be one of the most inexpensive shopping experiences you have had.

We have SWAP and SHOPS so you can get your friends' clothes for FOR FREE. We do Closet Cleanout so you can relive your own best clothes that already paid for FREE. And those pieces you are missing--we will find them for next to nothing.

The absolute icing on the proverbial cake is all the waste that we save. Do you know 1/3 of the clothes that you donate end up overseas and most of those in overburdened African landfills. Each time we support the "NEVER BUY NEW" lifestyle, we rescue those pieces, we save money, we save this little planet of paradise that we inhabit.

So imagine, saving money, saving your sanity, and saving the planet. All rolled into one big old awesome commitment to shop gently used, let us help you curate and organize.

Holla, we are waiting for you!

***I will be posting more about specific services. Just wanted to give our followers a general feel for why we do what we do***

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