What to Wear on a Warm, Yet Rainy, Day


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Over the past few days we have had some serious rain here in Chicago. Thankfully, instead of bone chilling cold rain that *almost* has been snow, we’ve been treated to one of our favorite types of weather: The Summer Thunderstorm.

This got us thinking – it’s pretty obvious what to wear when it’s raining and cold; lined trench, rain boots, scarf, hat, gloves. But, what do you wear when it’s raining and still 80 degrees out? For us here at RefreshEase, it’s all about the feet – you want to wear something that is comfortable to walk in, appropriate for the heat, yet will dry quickly once the rain stops. Because, we can all agree that there is nothing worse than walking through your day with soggy feet, right? Next, you have to preserve the hair – that’s where a cute summer hat and a bright umbrella come into play. They will keep your hairdo from becoming a rain victim and hair DON’T. To finish the outfit, we add a fun summer dress and some bright accessories to keep rain-gloom for setting in. Voila! The perfect outfit for a rainy summer day in Chicago!

Why don’t you come on in out of the rain today and visit us at RefreshEase in Logan Square? We have tons of cute spring and summer items to arm you with for the next time it gets rainy… dresses by J Crew, Banana Republic, Anthropologie and others; tons of cute vintage bags, as well as bags by Coach, Ferregamo, Tommy Hilfiger, LeSportsac, Ralph Lauren; shoes – oh my god, we have shoes (including two awesome pairs of Sperry rain shoes); hats… well, let’s just suffice it to say, if you haven’t been in for a while, you should stop by!

What to Wear on a Warm, Yet Rainy, Day


What to Wear on a Warm, Yet Rainy, Day by refreshease-kate featuring chan luu jewelry

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