Easy, Breezy Chambray for Summer!


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Chambray for Summer

Happy hump-day friends! It’s Kate, your friendly neighborhood RefreshEase manager posting on the blog for the very first time.


One of the things which cracks me up about fashion magazines is checking out what they deem “trendy” from season to season. The T-Word is one we really don’t care much for over here at RefreshEase, as we believe that it’s so-much-smarter for the style conscious to build a wardrobe of classic pieces that will last through the seasons, keeping you looking fabulous year in and out.

So I had quite the little giggle a few weeks ago when I picked up both Lucky and In Style only to see their editors proclaiming “chambray is trendy for summer 2013!!”

As much as I love my fashion mags, I beg to differ, chambray is not trendy this summer: Chambray is a CLASSIC* which is re-emerging in popularity for summer 2013. This pale blue light weight, cotton cousin of true blue denim has been associated with American summers for, like, ever dude! Historically chambray has been worn by Jackie O, Katherine Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean and was the creative impetus for lines from many, many famous fashion designers from Tommy Hilfiger to Diane Von Furstenberg. Currently you can see the young bucks and does of Hollywood (like Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal and Scarlett Johansson) rocking out chambray on the red carpet and in high fashion editorials. As you can see from my Polyvore collage above, in 2013 chambray is available from a wide range of designers and at a variety of price points. (Personally, I am on the lookout for a pair of those Tom’s chambray espadrille wedges.)

Admit it, you’re starting to think to yourself “Hey, I can’t wait to rock out a chambray shirt with my khaki mini and white Keds!”

Of course, Pasha and I at RefreshEase have you covered, as we’re currently stocking several adorable items in chambray and will continue to source them to bring to you all summer long!


Don’t forget, we have our Annual Spring Dress Swap coming up on Sunday, April 28th. This event is a great way to retire your over worn spring classics in favor of picking up a new frock… perhaps in chambray? Make sure to come in early for the best selection of dresses to swap for and to enjoy a glass of champagne with us!

*I’ve had the same sleeveless chambray shirt that I wear every summer for nearly 20 years! I bought it on a trip to Chicago at Marshall Fields (on my very first credit card) in 1995!

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