RFE Upcycled: Our own line of love!


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Fall and winter are such perfect seasons for upcycling (turning something that was into something new and different.)

RFE Upcycled is RefreshEase’ line of awesome Upcycled goods. We carry RFE Upcycled headbands, turbans, pillows and bowties. And for this cooler season, RFE Upcycled Casmere Hats and Jersey Knit Scarfs!

We are on a serious rescue mission at RefreshEase.

Stretched out and outdated cashmere sweaters will not be put out to pasture, if we have anything to do with it! There are lux fabrics and deserve to stay around, and around, and around.

Same with TShirts. How often they are thrown out with disregard. But a lived in T is nearly as soft as cashmere, and deserves love too! They make fabulously comfy scarves and hoods for the chilly weather.

You can come in any day and buy one of the RFE Upcycled items. But if you are feeling crafty, why not create your own! Sundays, from 4-7 pm, we will teach you how to Upcycle.

They say, teach a man to fish and he will eat forever. We say, teach a person to sew, and they will never have to discard loved clothing!